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Some new changes for everyone to be aware of for the 2016 season…



We have some very exciting news!  This year (2016) Boise Valley Cutting Horse Association will be awarding 2 saddles to contestants that compete at the monthly club shows.  Here are the details:


Just like any other year end award, in order to qualify you will be required to show in 50% + 1 shows (4 of the 7 shows).You MUST compete in TWO of the following classes:

  • $250 Rider
  • $500 Rider
  • $1,000 Amateur
  • $2000 Limit Rider

The winner of the saddle will be the contestant with the highest accumulated points at the end of the season.


We are changing the requirements this year for our Horse of the Year.  This year we will award a saddle.  It will no longer be a requirement for the horse to be shown in a combination of an Open and NP class.  You will still need to compete in 50% +1 shows (4 of the 7 shows).  The horse MUST compete in TWO of the following classes:

  • OPEN
  • $5000 NOVICE HORSE
  • $35,000 NON PRO

The winner of the saddle will be the horse with the highest accumulated points at the end of the season.


Well, January is in the books and we’re into February so that means show season is right around the corner.  There are some NCHA changes that I wanted to be sure you are aware of prior to show season.  ALL changes are in the 2016 NCHA Rule Book which can be found on the NCHA website at www.nchacutting.com .  I would encourage all members to review the rule book.  Changes are in bold type.

  • The $15K Novice Horse class is NOW $25,000 NOVICE HORSE
  • The $15K Novice Non Pro class is NOW $25,000 NOVICE HORSE NON PRO
There are also some membership changes.  Please make sure you are aware of these. Notably, there will no longer be JOINT  or FAMILY memberships.  And, RANCH/BUSINESS/LLC memberships need to be separate from individuals.  That means if your horse is registered in the name of a Ranch, Business or LLC a separate membership is required as the owner.  The following outlines the membership changes:

No Joint or Family Membership, each person who competes or owns horses that compete will need to purchase an individual membership.

(For example: in the past they have had joint membership starting with 2016 they each have to pay a membership fee, Non Pro/Amateur fee or Trainer fee they will keep the same membership #)

If both husband and wife are on the horse ownership papers and they do not compete then they will be required to have a Partnership membership which we will convert their current joint membership to a partnership #.

Current LIFE joint memberships have been grandfathered in as two separate LIFE memberships, each person will be responsible for their Amateur, Non Pro, Trainer, etc…

Partnerships between two non-related members will need to purchase a partnership membership.

If the partnership is between husband and wife and BOTH have a paid individual membership we will not require the additional partnership membership.

Ranch/Business/LLC memberships need to be separate from individual memberships

Youth membership is for youth age 18 and under, youth membership requires their date of birth.  If they show Non Pro/Amateur they need Non Pro/Amateur status